CWaC accused of “taking short cuts through planning system” over Frodsham tip

CHESHIRE West and Chester Council (CWaC) has been accused ot taking short cuts through its own planning system over proposals for Frodsham’s household waste and recycling site.
The claim comes from Frodsham’s borough councillors who say they only learned an application had been made to extend the temporary planning consent for the site through the press.
Cllr Lynn Riley said the Frodsham councillors were delighted to learn that CWaC had made an application to itself to extend the life of the tip.

She said: “With only 54 days to go until the last three year consent expires it was about time.
“But why are we learning of this via the press and not via the established protocol of prior notification.
“I’ve been the ward councillor here for 17 years and this is a first for me.
“CWaC has never taken short cuts through its own planning system before and this raises important questions like why leave it til the 11th hour, why weren’t we notified and why isn’t the application on the web site for all to see?
“We’ve been urging CWAC to get on with making an application but no officer has contacted us about this.”
Cllr Chris Basey said: “Had they bothered to talk to us we would have insisted on a five year extension for the tip. Given how this whole issue has been dealt with, we have no confidence that a two year extension gives CWAC time to do a proper job of appointing yet more consultants, doing a thorough review and having a proper and meaningful consultation with local people who use the tip.
“If a new location in the area is found we then have to go through procurement, contract renegotiation and actually building a new facility. Based on CWaC’s track record, I’d be concerned that this can be done in two years.
“As a new councillor I’m asking questions about this planning process. We have so many local residents and businesses that have been waiting months to get their planning applications validated and a planner appointed to process their project. “CWaC surely can’t take shortcuts with its own applications as this just isn’t fair or proper process?”
Cllr Riley added: Frodsham needs some reassurance that CWaC is serious about the future of the tip. The importance of this facility should have been written into the strategy and it wasn’t- it seems like Labour is just making this up as it goes along.
“So let’s give local residents some confidence that CWaC is making a serious commitment by giving us another five years whilst all the other work to secure a better location in Frodsham starts.”
Chairman of Weaver Vale Conservatives and Frodsham resident Adam Wordsworth said: “With plans for a new £40 charge for emptying our garden waste bins, the Frodsham household waste and recycling centre has never been more important. We are going to need a bigger and better facility and planning for this needs to be done properly, not on the fly as we are seeing at the moment.”
Frodsham Life has approached CWaC’s planning department for a response to the Frodsham claims.

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