Harmful ‘sleep myths’ debunked following shock survey findings

NEARLY half of all Brits are following harmful ‘sleep myths’, such as thinking you can ‘catch up’ on missed sleep.

More than a quarter of those surveyed (28 percent) think that an alcoholic tipple guarantees a deeper slumber, while 35 percent believe watching television helps you to nod off.

The shock findings were revealed by Land of Beds – official local stockists of the world’s number one bed brand, Sealy UK, who carried out the new nationwide research.

“Avoiding cheese, exercising before bed and watching TV are all things people commonly think they should do to get a better night’s sleep,” said Mike Murray, Managing Director at Land of Beds.

“As our in-store bed experts will tell you, these ‘sleep myths’ are, at best, only partly true; most are false and potentially harmful. For example, lying in at the weekend to try and make up for missed hours of sleep has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease.

‘Drinking wine before bed may make you drowsy, but it interferes with your sleep rhythms; blocks the most restorative level of sleep; can aggravate breathing problems; and can lead to extra trips to the bathroom!
‘The publication of this latest research from our partners Sealy UK is, therefore, a helpful opportunity to separate ‘sleep fact’ from ‘sleep fiction’.”

More than a third of people questioned across the UK (39 percent) said they felt it was possible to train yourself to get by on just four hours’ sleep, while more than half (53 percent) believe that the older you get, the fewer hours of sleep you need.

Mike added: “Debunking ‘sleep myths’ and offering genuine advice based on the latest sleep science is something our bed experts are trusted to do – having completed appropriate training with the National Bed Federation.
‘If your sleep quality is poor, forget the myths and go back to basics: choose a comfortable and supportive bed; create a relaxing and consistent pre-bedtime routine; and ensure your bedroom is calm, quiet and free of any distractions from electronic devices.”

To view Sealy UK’s mattress and bed collection at Land of Beds, visit www.landofbeds.co.uk/sealy


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