MP resigns as Shadow Local Government Minister to concentrate on helping constituents through the cost-of-living crisis

LOCAL MP Mike Amesbury has today resigned his post as shadow Local Government Minister in order to better help his constituents through the cost-of-living crisis.

Mr Amesbury says the combination of a decade of cuts to public services, the impact of the pandemic, and soaring living costs had meant a sustained increase in the number of Weaver Vale constituents needing his help.

“At both [the 2017 and 2019] elections I promised that I would put my constituents first,” he stated in his letter to the leader of the Labour Party.

“I believe that if I am to continue to do so, I am not able to give the role of Shadow Local Government Minister the energy it demands and deserves”.

Amesbury was first appointed by Keir Starmer to serve in what is now the Shadow Levelling Up, Housing and Communities teams in April 2020, having previously served as Shadow Employment Minister.

He worked as part of the Shadow Housing team before being asked to take on the role of Shadow Local Government Minister last December.

As Shadow Housing Minister, he successfully pushed the Government to provide more funding for homeowners facing large costs for removing and replacing cladding found to be dangerous after the Grenfell Tower fire.

He has also been a vocal critic of the Government’s repeated delays to introducing full leasehold reform, which would return security and control to millions of homeowners across the country.

More recently, as Shadow Local Government Minister, he has criticised the government’s ‘hollowing out’ of councils since 2010, taking away £431 in local government funding for every person in northern England, while handing back only £32 in levelling up funds.

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