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Should carp be re-introduced to Frodsham’s Crowmere Lake?

A REQUEST that carp be introduced into Frodsham’s picturesque Crowmere Lake has been withdrawn.
The matter came before the Town Council’s amenities committee when members were informed that the request had been received from a member of the public.
But the committee was told the request had been withdrawn after the committee chairman, Cllr Phil Griffiths had contacted the person involved.

Members heard that because of its size and topography, the lake was not considered suitable for carp.
But as the request had been withdrawn, they decided no action was necessary.
Fishing for carp at Crowmere has been a matter of concern for Frodsham Town Council for many years.
Some 10 years ago, the council agreed to a request from members of the public to remove all carp from the lake because of the activities of people who visited Crowmere – often at night – to fish for carp for eating. There were reports of anti-social behaviour disturbing nearby residents.
Fires had been started by people from outside the area who visited after the hours of darkness and there were reports of confrontations with residents. Police were repeatedly called to the area.
At the time, it was suggested that there were not many carp in the lake and that it could prove difficult to remove those that there were.
It was agreed that any fish removed from the lake should be replaced with others such as roach and tench, with were more suitable for family angling.
Picture: Crowmere Lake, by Stephen Edwardson.

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  1. this is a shame as there is already carp in the water fact this is only happening due to residents of the property next to it controling the fishing of the lake (as if they own it ) shame on them im going to fish this water just to prove a point

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