A play you’ll love even if you’ve never heard of it

FRODSHAM Players are to stage a play they admit you probably won’t have heard of it but they are sure you’ll like it.

‘Three Days in the Countryî by Patrick Marber is a play about people falling love with the wrong people.
It’s a comedy that makes you laugh, but also wince. A comedy that moves hearts but also makes you wonder why you are laughing.

One of the reviewers wrote of the original version performed at the National Theatre – that it is the type of play that reminds you why going out to the theatre gives you an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Patrick Marber’s condensed and reworked play is full of humour and yearning. Set on a grand Russian estate, it is full of characters aching for those they cannot have. Discontented Natalya is infatuated with her son’s young tutor, an attraction she confesses to her long-time admirer Rakitin. Natalya’s young ward Vera also has feelings for the tutor but he, of course, has eyes for another. And so the circle of love continues. Will it all end happily?

In Three Days in the Country, the backdrop of life in the country serves as the perfect canvas for playwright Patrick Marber to explore love and all of its complexities at virtually every part of its boundless spectrum. Marber’s version is a sharp, new take on Ivan Turgenev’s classic comedy, A Month in the Country.

The play goes on at St Laurence Church, Frodsham, from Tuesday April 2 to Friday April 5 at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £9.00 from www.frodshamplayers.com or Box Office 07754 455809
or from Dandelion, Church Street Frodsham

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