A public plea to keep the Townfield Lane play area

MEMBERS of the public turned up in force at the monthly meeting of Frodsham Town Council to make a plea to keep the Townfield Lane play area.

Clare Collins-Doyle

They were responding to a consultation exercise being carried out by the council, who are faced with a decision of what to do as a result of the current lease coming to an end.
Three options have been suggested – giving up the lease and removing the play equipment, renewing the lease and replacing the equipment or creating a new play area on land owned by the council at Frodsham Community Centre.
Former councillor Clare Collins-Doyle attended the meeting to put in a plea for keeping the Townfield Lane play area.
She said local people wanted to keep the park which was the only community space inj Lakes Ward. If the play area was closed  more people would use Castle Park, but it was too far for little legs which would mean many parents would drive their children.
If they went to a new play area at the Community Centre it would mean children crossing a busy main road.
Townfield Lane was a well used play area. She had grown up in the area and remembered using it as a child. It was not just used by children, but also by the elderly.  Carrying on leasing the site would cost the council less than £100 –a-month.
Another resident, Amit Thakkar, described the park as “unique”. Most people walked to it and very few cars passed it. It was “a great place to be” and children who used it could see horses grazing nearby and people growing organic vegetables.
“It is part of our culture” he said.
Both speakers received rounds of applause from the public gallery.
Cllr Alan Oulton criticised “keyboard warriors” who were claiming on social media that the council had decided to close the play area. No decision had been made but he did not think anyone wanted to lose a green space.
The Mayor, Cllr Mallie Poulton, said the council would have to spend £30,000 on new play equipment to meet health and safety standards. But the decision was one for the people of Frodsham and he would support whatever they wanted..
The public consultation ended on March 31.

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