Allotments proposal for Ship Street play area

A RESOLUTION calling on Frodsham Town Council to offer land in Ship Street for allotments and “non-commercial” ventures is to be put to a Town Meeting on Saturday, July 7.
The resolution, proposed by Mr I Blake, suggests the land could be used for allotments for town residents.
It suggests the tenancy could be held by a not-for-profit group who would manage the land for a period to be agreed and then reviewed.
Another resolution suggests that the site should be retained as a play area
The Town Meeting is due to be held at the Parish Hall, Church Street., starting at 12 noon, when residents can meet informally with Town Council and other Town group representatives on matters of interest to the town, including the Neighbourhood Plan, play, crime, community development, planning and community activities.
The meeting has been called by the Town Council, but it is not a council meeting and is intended to give electors from Frodsham an opportunity to raise issues with the council and other organisations.
A formal meeting will start at 1pm when the minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held in March will be noted and the council’s annual report will be presented.
It is during the formal meeting that the resolutions regarding the Ship Street land will be tabled.
The council has suggested the land be sold for housing – although no final decision has been taken – and the meeting will received a presentation from the Weaver Vale Housing Trust on their proposals for the land if they were to purchase it.
Also on the agenda is an item to discuss possible uses for the capital receipts if the land were sold.

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  1. Having started the ball rolling we have unearthed a few issues so will be campaigning very hard to prevent the loss of the land to any development. We would appreciate any help that can be offered. Ship Street cannot take any more traffic, the town resources are already stretched beyond belief. As was mentioned today at the meeting the town was never designed for the population and developments urgently required. Our initial concerns were just the next step in the problems Frodsham faces in the next few years unless cwac accept the town deserves more financial input in return for its high rates

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