Council debate on ceremonial badges “a waste of time and money”

THE future of ceremonial badges for councillors, ex-councillors and ex-Mayors of Frodsham remains in doubt following a lengthy but inconclusive debate at the monthly meeting of the Town Council.

The debate ended after Cllr Paul Martin suggested it was a waste of time and money to continue the discussion and the Mayor, Cllr Lord Frank Pennington, who was in the chair, had moved progress.

New chairman Cllr Alan Oulton – who had earlier suggested the council should get rid of the badges altogether – vacated the chair during the debate and said he “could not believe” how long it had gone on.

The debate started with complaints that a former councillor was wearing a yellow badge – the colour used for serving councillors.
Members heard that a council decision in 2014 indicated that ex-Mayors who wanted a ceremonial badge should buy their own badge and that it should be worn at appropriate civic functions and events.
No decision was made about how future badges would be ordered or acquired.
A number of councillors were concerned that a badge appeared to have been acquired without permission. But others thought this was immaterial.
The meeting was told the badge in question had been purchased by a then serving councillor from the council’s suppliers.
A proposal that existing badges should be withdrawn was seconded and an amendment that the badges should be used as ex-Mayor’s badges was lost.
A further amendment that there be an option for existing councillors to purchase a badge was agreed but an amendment that existing badges be withdrawn but that current councillors should have an option to purchase a badge was lost.
There was further discussion about the original decisions, the contract with the supplier and copyright – but no decisions were made.

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