Councillors want sale of police station to benefit town

COUNCILLORS at Frodsham would like to see the proceeds of any sale of the town’s police station invested in Frodsham.
Cllr Mallie Poulton told a meeting of the Town Council he would like to see the proceeds of any disposal returned to Frodsham – possibly to finance CCTV cameras.
He was commenting after the council had received a presentation from Chief Inspector Michael Evans of the Chester Police local policing unit on proposals to close the police station and relocate it in the nearby Frodsham Fire Station.
Chief Inspector Evans said the police had carried out a widespread consultation with local people about the proposals.
It was considered the fire station would be suitable for a joint police and fire station which would also offer PCSOs to book on and off their shifts, saving them a journey to Blacon police station .
There would be no change to the service currently offered and any proceeds from the disposal of the former police station would be reinvested in future police estates proposals across Cheshire.
Cllr Poulton said he understood Frodsham could not expect to receive all the proceeds of the disposal, but he would like to see the town receive some benefit – such as CCTV cameras.
He praised the police for the way they had consulted the public in Frodsham.
The Mayor, Cllr Alan Oulton – a former fire officer – said police and fire services sharing a facility was a good idea.
He had previous experience of such an arrangement and it had worked well, with officers from both services co-operating well..

Frodsham Fire Station

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