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Frodsham group “incredibly concerned” at IGas drilling request

CAMPAIGN group Frack Free Frodsham and Helsby said today they were “incredibly concerned” at a request from IGas to drill a well at Elton.
The group, which has been campaigning for several years against fracking in the local area, admitted they were “not surprised” in view of IGas’ existing planning at Ellesmere Port and recent announcements about enormous sites on Ince Marshes.
In a statement, the group said: “We are in no doubt that the intention is to develop fracking on a significant scale in this area of Cheshire. “Residents are justifiably concerned about the detrimental and proven impacts on the environment and human health as a result of the fracking industry.
“If these plans go ahead communities in this area will not be immune to the considerable increase in traffic from HGV movements, risk of water and land contamination, further reduction in air quality, and the irrevocable industrialisation of the surrounding countryside with the many hundreds of wells that necessitate such a land hungry industry.
“IGas have repeatedly shown no regards for the wishes of local communities and residents in their quest for profit and have made no attempt to have any meaningful engagement with them. Indeed the contempt they show for our wishes is evidenced by their offer to hold a brief drop-in exhibition at short notice.
“Their continued attempts to exploit this resource at the detrimental cost to public health and the environment, as well as to wildlife in the area were expected. It will only serve to make our local campaigners, who are from all walks of life, and who represent the views of the vast majority more determined to stop it from happening.
“IGas claim that Elton is in a predominantly industrial area. Have they no knowledge of the area with its beautiful countryside and small villages that will suffer greatly from the impact of over industrialisation and the further pollution of our atmosphere?
“At present the government is subsidising this hazardous industry despite legally binding targets to deal with climate change. Claims that this source of power will provide a bridge until renewable energy sources are provided are without foundation. We need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions now to slow the effect of climate change and we need to develop without delay renewable energy sources including wind, solar and tidal. Any investment must be made to achieve this goal.
“Nations around the globe are banning fracking, including Scotland as announced this week, and yet this industry is being forced upon our communities
“Our efforts to prevent this damaging industry will continue and will no doubt gain in strength over the coming weeks and months.

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