Goods Shed demolition would be “criminal”

DEMOLITION of Frodsham’s historic Goods Shed to create more parking spaces would be at best unwise and at worst “criminal”.
That’s the view of Frodsham resident Andrew Basden, Professor of Human Factors and Philosophy of Information Systems at the University of Salford, in a response to Cheshire West and Chester Council’s consultation on the future of the building.
Professor Basden says he understands the concern about increased demand for parking when the Halton Curve rail service begins – and welcomes the opening of the service.
But he does not believe this necessitates the demolition of the Goods Shed – which is next to the railway station.
He said: “There is a need to resist the ever-increasing amount we drive. This is because of reasons of climate change, pollution and health (exercise).
“We must drive less.”
Professor Basden says the energy sector has reduced its climate change emissions by 57 per cent since 1990, but transport climate change emissions have fallen by only two per cent.
“The transport sector is lagging behind and will soon be called upon to catch up, and make major reductions in climate change emissions. The Committee on Climate Change, which advised HM Government, has said that transport emissions must fall by at least 44 per cent by 2030.”
As a result, it is reasonable to expect Government policies and citizen behaviour to change markedly over the next decade.
“The result will be we will drive less.”
Although some might suggest that providing parking for people catching the train will contribute to driving less, it would also encourage more parking and driving by people not catching the train.
Professor Basden predicts that the proposed extra parking would required for no more than a decade – after that there would be less need for parking in the centre of Frodsham.
He also disputes CW&C’s claim that demolishing the Goods Shed would provide 60 extra parking places. In fact there would only be 17 extra places – the other 43 could be provided without demolishing the building.
The professor points out that the Goods Shed is a valuable building, well constructed and having a beauty from the steam age.
He says a very strong case would be needed to justify demolition of the building and given that only 17 parking spaces would be provided no such case has been made.
“If it is demolished, then a building of that quality can never be reinstated. Are we not robbing future generations of the possibility of using that high quality
“It is at best unwise and at worst criminal to deprive future generations of a valuable resource.”

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  1. Well said Prof Basden. Criminal to demolish part of our transport heritage . Once demolished gone forever.

  2. The building could and should be put to use, I know the people of frodsham have some fantastic ides for it, it would absolutely be a waste to knock it down

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