New hope for the kids not picked for the school choir!

KIDS who were never picked to be in the school choir can take hope from the story of Frodsham Sings member Jackie Pooler

Like many adults she thought singing was for soloists only until she ìfound her voiceî by joining the community choir founded by Frodsham Transition Initiative in 2013.
ìWhen I first saw the choir performing I was so impressed I thought Iíd give it a go.î
She did just that and now extols the benefits of singing in a choir.
Choir members report that singing:
Lifts my mood and keeps me well.
Takes me out of myself, and is a reason to get out
Gives me a sense of ëbelongingí by having the communal goal of making a piece of music together
Makes me ìFeel as though Iíve done a workoutî
The British Lung Foundation has developed a ëSinging for Lung Healthí programme (, and the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK, has the ëSinging for Breathingí programme. Both of these, teach patients an understanding of breath control through the use of the voice, which helps them to feel more in control of their breath and so manage their symptoms better.
There are many other lesser-known charities that run choirs as a means of improving health.
Frodsham Sings has about 70 members and †is an inclusive choir, so everyone, able or disabled, is welcome. There are no auditions, nor a requirement to read music. Free taster sessions are offered .
Jackie said: ‘I joined the choir last year. We sing a wide range of songs from Abba, George Ezra, Carol King, the Everley Brothers, Barry Manilow and many others ñ we cater for all tastes!’

Frodsham Sings perform at local events such as the Festival in the Park, as well as at Christmas events and in local nursing homes. They were selected to open the annual Frodsham Singathon, a yearly event in which choirs and musicians contribute to a full day of sharing fantastic music and song. The choir also takes part in workshops and has a vibrant social life which includes theatre trips and attendance at special choir events such as the Eisteddfod at Llangollen.

Anyone interested in joining should check notice boards in local shops, surgeries, library or community centre or do as Jackie did and Google Frodsham Sings, or community choir Frodsham.

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