New Year’s Eve fireworks display in doubt

THE future of Frodsham’s New Year’s Eve firework display is to be discussed at the first meeting of the Town Council’s new Events Committee tomorrow (Tuesday).

A number of options will be on the table, including the possibility of not holding the display at all.

The matter has already been debated by the Community Committee and at the last meeting of the full council.

A number of sites have been considered, including Salt Works, Marshlands, Churchfields, the top of Frodsham Hill and the Community Centre field.

The full council meeting was asked to consider three options.
1. To continue to hold the display at Churchfields, but with professional marshals.
2. To move to another site where there would be no spectators nearby
3. Not to hold a display at all.

But the council decided to refer the matter to the new Events Committee.

Previously, the display has been marshalled by volunteers – usually members of the council.

But there was an incident at last year’s event which, councillors say, could have been more serious and as a result it has been suggested that professional marshals should be employed.

The council has been told the cost of three marshals for two hours would be £200, plus VAT. The firework display would last about eight minutes

Cllr Frank Pennington said the Churchfields site was too big to be controlled by three marshals. He believed the Community Centre field would be more suitable.

Cllr Linda Brown suggested that if the display was set off on the top of Frodsham Hill, the whole town would be able to see it.

The Mayor Cllr Alan Oulton was anxious to ensure the event remained free.

“If we are not careful we will have to start charging,” he said.

Cllr Mallie Poulton said it was very good that councillors had, in the past, volunteered to marshal the event. But the incident last year could have been more serious and he believed professional marshals should be employed and the scheme properly costed out.

It was agreed to refer the matter to the new Events Committee.


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