NHS Cuts funding for ear wax removal

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Audiologist Olivia Austin of Integrate Hearing talks about microsuction ear wax removal as an alternative to NHS ear syringing.

Ear wax removal isn’t one of those topics you encounter very often but when it’s causing you a problem, you want it dealt with quickly.

Getting an appointment on the NHS generally incurs a lengthy wait, with many local GP surgeries now ceasing to provide ear irrigation or ‘ear syringing’ due to lack of funding. Microsuction ear wax removal, traditionally only available from the Ear, Nose and Throat department of a hospital is now readily available privately. With a relatively low cost and short waiting time to get an appointment, it’s a welcome alternative.

“Patients tell me they didn’t know microsuction was an available option, often having already spent weeks in discomfort. GP surgeries should explain more clearly about treatment options so you can make an informed choice” (larger if possible, in an emphasised quote)

The sensation of having a blocked ear cleared is a huge relief as ear wax can cause ear pain, reduced hearing, ringing in the ears and even disorientation. Micosuction is the safest method of ear wax removal as there is no use of water so it carries a much lower risk of infection or eardrum perforation. It is pain free as your ear drum and ear canal are left untouched, making it a more comfortable alternative to syringing, particularly if your ear canals are narrow.

It’s advisable to see a qualified Audiologist who specialises in ears and hearing and has completed the most in-depth clinical training. The procedure uses gentle vacuum suction to remove offending wax under microscope visibility and generally takes around only 10-20 minutes. A great benefit is, there is no need to soften the wax beforehand, often avoiding the use of ear drops which can be difficult and time consuming. Unlike syringing you can continue as normal after it’s complete, with no effect on your ability to fly or need to keep the ear dry for the week following either.

For more information contact Olivia Austin, Integrate Hearing &P &A Morgan Opticans, 2 Alcock Street, Runcorn WA7 1NA, 01928 572177, info@integratehearing.co.uk

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