Parking company to “more closely monitor” Eddisbury Square

THE parking company in charge of Eddisbury Square in Frodsham has pledged to “more closely monitor” its services after MP Mike Amesbury raised the issue of alleged unjust parking fines on behalf of constituents.
Frodsham Town Council and several constituents contacted the Weaver Vale MP over claims some drivers had been wrongly fined for overstaying their allotted time at the car park.
The complaints stemmed from parking firm UKCPS’s use of number plate recognition (ANPS) technology which records the details of vehicles entering and leaving the car park.
Some drivers claimed they had parked for a short time, then left, but then returned later in the day to park for a second time, and that the ANPR camera had not recorded them leaving the first time, making it seem as though their vehicles had been parked there during the intervening period between when they left and later returned.
Twenty-four hour conditions including a maximum two-hour stay and no return within two hours were imposed in January 2014.
Mr Amesbury wrote to UKCPS and In response, the company says: “The ANPR does record all the separate ins and outs, but the software picks out the first in and last out of the collected data.
“We are working with the software provider to be able to extract more of the data and therefore correctly identify those that have actually overstayed, and those that have been in and out of the car park more than once in the day.”
Mr Amesbury said: “I’m glad that the company have listened because it’s obviously caused a great deal of concern to people parking at Eddisbury Square.
“I look forward to them resolving any outstanding technical issues so people can park there in full confidence of not receiving an unjustified fine.”

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  1. I received an invoice (its not a ‘fine’) from these cowboys and with help from the facebook group ‘FIGHT YOUR PRIVATE PARKING INVOICE’ successfully challenged what is known as a ‘double dip’, a well known tactic used by these companies to attempt to extract money unfairly from unsuspecting members of the public. It’s not a blip in the software or a mistake. These companies only make money when the motorist pays up without a fight whether it’s reasonable and just or not. And this particular tactic can net them a good deal of money from people who don’t know how to challenge the allegation or are just intimidated by the official looking letters. Appeals to parking companies are often dismissed regardless of fairness and further appeals are made to their trade body which can hardly be unbiased. They also use third party debt collectors to harass non payers. And not many people would be willing to go to court to prove their ‘innocence’ and so the speculative invoices are often paid to these chancers. It’s time it was stopped.

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