Programme of temporary road closures in Frodsham updated

A   programme of temporary road closures on various roads in the Frodsham area to enable micro asphalt  surface treatment work has been updated by Cheshire West & Chester Council.

The closures are necessary for safety reasons to enable surface treatment work and will be carried out by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Download the temporary traffic order CLICK HERE

Road Duration Start date Finish date
Howey Lane, Frodsham 2 days Wed 03/06/20 Thu 04/06/20
Hayes Crescent, Frodsham 2 days Thu 11/06/20 Fri 12/06/20
Riversdale, Frodsham 1 day Fri 12/06/20 Fri 12/06/20
117-139 Ashton Drive, Frodsham 1 day Sat 13/06/20 Sat 13/06/20
Access off Ashton Drive (rear of shops), Frodsham 1 day Sat 13/06/20 Sat 13/06/20
Ashton Drive, Frodsham 3 days Sat 13/06/20 Mon 15/06/20
Manor Road, Frodsham 1 day Mon 15/06/20 Mon 15/06/20
Clifton Crescent, Frodsham 1 day Mon 15/06/20 Mon 15/06/20
Belvedere Close, Frodsham 1 day Tue 16/06/20 Tue 16/06/20
St Hilda’s Drive, Frodsham 1 day Tue 16/06/20 Tue 16/06/20

It is anticipated that all roads in the schedule below will be closed for a maximum of 7 days within the road closure notice period; the closure may be on consecutive days or on separate days depending upon site, weather conditions and works required. Advanced Warning signs will be placed on site at least 7 days before the planned commencement of the works. Alternative routes for through traffic will be provided as per the signed diversion on site.

Works will take place 7 days a week.

Micro asphalt surface treatment

Micro asphalt surface treatment is a road maintenance process which involves laying a thin layer over the top of the existing road to seal the surface and restore grip, thereby extending the active lifespan of the road.

Micro asphalt cures quickly and can usually be driven on less than an hour after application. Its ability to reshape and re-profile existing surfaces ensures minor defects, such as small potholes and cracks, are sealed to stop water getting in to cause further damage.

On average, micro asphalt extends the ‘life expectancy’ of a road by five to seven years. It as has a much-reduced environmental impact compared to standard resurfacing techniques as it is a non-polluting, cold-applied, zero-emissions material.

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