Question mark still hangs over future of Green Gates Park

A QUESTION mark still hangs over the future of Green Gates Park following this week’s meeting of Frodsham Town Council.
It had been hoped to approve an options appraisal format and appoint councillors to form a working party to consider a shortlist of five options for the land, off Ship Street.
But after doubts were expressed by members of the Green Gates Community Project and a number of councillors about the need for an options appraisal, it was agreed to defer the matter to an informal meeting of the council to be held in the near future.
A need for an options appraisal was accepted but the shortlist of options tabled at the meeting was rejected. They were:
1. To adopt the Green Gates Community Project proposal for the park to be retained as a community asset with emphasis on children and the elderly.
2. To relocated Frodsham Town Council to Ship Street and develop a recreation area.
3. Sell the site and invest in the nearby Salt Works playing fields.
4. Make a Community Asset Transfer to the Green Gales group
5. Do nothing.
A number of councillors stressed the importance of involving the community.
Cllr Lucy Sumner said: “A lot of people want their voices to be heard.”
Cllr Bill Stockton said: “Strong points of view are held. I am trying to do the right thing by the people of Waterside and the people of Frodsham.”
A timetable of events had been drawn up with an approved option put to the council on January 27 for public consultation and a final decision being made by the council in April. But this may now not be able to be met.
Over the last 12 months, the Green Gates group have carried out a survey of local opinion and carried out extensive research to justify their argument that the park should be retained as a community asset.
During this, they established that around 90 per cent of people wanted the park retained as green space and a similar number were strongly opposed to it being used for housing.

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