Residents urged to follow safety advice after further increase in outdoor fire

AFTER another increase of outdoor fires over the weekend firefighters are continuing to warn residents of the dangers and potentially devastating consequences.

A warning, issued by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service last week, highlighted the increasing number of incidents involving disposable BBQs, garden waste and discarded cigarettes across the county.
However, despite the warnings, firefighters yet again had a busy weekend across Cheshire.
On Saturday, firefighters were called out to a property in Chester following reports of a wheelie bin fire. On arrival the crew discovered that the fire had been caused by ash from a BBQ being placed inside the bin.
A few hours later, firefighters attended Macclesfield Forest and had to extinguish an unattended disposable BBQ with a hose reel jet.
Firefighters in Crewe were then called to an incident where embers from a fire pit had spread to nearby conifers causing a fire.
On Sunday, firefighters were tasked with extinguishing a smouldering camp fire at Delamere Forest which could have caused a large scale incident.
Warrington firefighters have been called out to numerous outdoor fires in recent weeks including one at Orford on Sunday which spread to five gardens.

Head of Service Delivery at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Neil Griffiths said: “Following another weekend of hot and sunny weather, we have seen another increase in the number of fires in gardens and in public green spaces.
“These incidents could have led to serious devastation of Cheshire’s beautiful green spaces, people’s homes and more worryingly, could have caused someone severe injuries or even loss of life.
“Many of these fires could have been avoided if key safety advice was followed. Aside from the physical and emotional cost, these fires could have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.
“Our message is clear, think before you act. Please follow safety guidance, it is there to protect you and those around you.”
If a fire starts accidentally, do not attempt to put the fire out yourself. Get away, stay away and call 999.

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