Sustainable palm oil and the facts

A MEETING of Frodsham Transition Initative on September 11 will hear details of Chester Zoo’ s sustainable palm oil project.

The zoo is a conservation charity and has launched a new project to create the world’s first Sustainable Palm Oil city in Chester.

Jennifer Tegg, head of marketing at Chester Zoo will be talking about the zoo’s mission to prevent extinction and its work on conservation projects in the UK and all over the world to achieve their aim at the meeting at Frodsham Community Centre on September 11 at 7.30pm.

Visitors will hear how the Sustainable Palm Oil city project was designed to deliver the greatest conservation impact and how other towns and cities can replicate the project in their own area.
Roughly half the palm oil sold in supermarket is not from a sustainable source. The drive to produce more is a major cause for environmentally damage deforestation and that is posing a major threat to animals such as the orangutan.

Jennifer will also be talking about some of the other initiatives that Chester Zoo is leading in order to deliver their mission and to create a more sustainable world. Tickets will be available on the door as well as through Eventbrite.

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