Frank Pennington

“Town centre at night is more like Wild West”

UNRULY youths are making Saturday night in Frodsham more like the wild west, according to the town’s Mayor.
Cllr Lord Frank Pennington told the Town Council: “Not a week goes by without there’s trouble – and I mean big trouble, not just little fights.
“It can’t go on – it’s got to be stopped. It’s deplorable – the town centre is more like the Gunfight at the OK Coral.”
The council was discussing the need for CCTV cameras in the town and the possibility of funding them from the proceeds of the sale of the former police station.
Members were stunned to learn that Cheshire West and Chester Council (CW&C) officers had drawn up a business case for cameras in Frodsham without informing the Town Council.
They learned about the plan from a senior CW&C officer who happened to be at the meeting to talk about car parking.
The plan, which involves CCTV cameras covering Main Street, Church Street and High Street, was first drawn up about two years ago but has recently been updated.
Chairman Cllr Alan Oulton said: “We didn’t know about this business plan.”
Cllr Liam Jones added: “It is disappointing we have only just heard about this in this way.”
Cllr Pennington said the number of officers in Frodsham of a weekend at night showed that the police were aware of the town’s problems.
“They are not here for a barbecue,” he said.
Several councillors expressed concern that a business case for CCTV in the town had been established but Frodsham had not been informed.
It was agreed to call for a face-to-face meeting with CW&C officers and the police at a meeting of the council’s policy and process committee on December 17.
After the meeting, Cllr Pennington said he believed a CCTV system could be introduced gradually, perhaps starting with one camera and then adding more.

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  1. Does cwac respect or value the town council in Frodsham? In my opinion the town council is a toothless tiger and urgently needs to be more decisive and pro active for the good of the community. Cwac appear to ride rough shot over our councillors with parking charges and the rail sheds are just two of modern day issues that can be proof of FTC being a accepted voice in the halls of Cwac. Thank goodness May elections can offer a more determined community council that Frodsham deserves.

  2. The amount of people who tell FTC what they should be doing but won’t do anything about it themselves…. I think I should use the term ‘Toothless Tiger’ springs to mind? ?

  3. I think full cctv coverage of Main Street, High Street and Church Street is essential. If police presence is not enough, we can at least catch any trouble makers on camera. They may even act as a deterrent.

  4. What a load of rubbish!

    Mr Mayor, Frodsham at night has never been so quiet! I’m a taxi driver in Frodsham and I rarely see trouble.

    Everyone in Frodsham knows you hate the younger generation and have always given them abuse.

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