Vandals attack Frodsham’s “silent soldier” a second time

VANDALS have attacked Frodsham’s World War 1 “silent soldier” for a second time.

The soldier – dubbed “Tommy Hill” – stood on guard on the path to the Overton Hill War Memorial. But he will now have to be removed a second time for repairs following the latest attack.
Tommy symbolised the town’s gratitude to the First World War generation who served, sacrificed, rebuilt and changed the nation. He was erected by Frodsham Town Council as part of the World War 1 celebrations in the town.
Sadly he was vandalised early on in the lockdown.
But staff at Gordons Products, wire products manufacturers, of Main Street, Frodsham, offered to attempt a repair. However, it was found Tommy was beyond repair.

Julian, Owyn and Mark, from Gordons, wouldn’t be beaten and agreed to make a new silhouette soldier out of sheet metal, strengthened with metal plate. The new Tommy, dubbed “Tommy Hill” was also powder coated with a fresh coat of black to preserve him for years – at Gordons’ expense.
Frodsham Town Council was delighted to be able to put Tommy back on duty near the War Memorial on July 16 and a World War 1 nurse was also installed at the site.
A new plaque was created by Hawk Publications, free of charge.
But within a matter of days, Tommy was again vandalised and now have to be repaired again.

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