What does the future hold for online gambling in Europe in 2018

Online gambling has become one of the fastest moving industries since its birth in the 90s.

Innovations and technologies have been put in place to make certain that online gambling offers the same experience as traditional land-based gambling. The first company to make real money from a basic online poker game on the Internet was Micro gaming. At that time, it was not common to have personal access to a computer and the quality of the games, image, and experience was nothing to write home about but the joy settles in the fact that people could play games online. We’ve witnessed plenty of innovations lately in the world of online gambling, but let’s take a quick glance at few of those trends seem most likely to shape the future of online casinos in our opinion.

Mobile Platform

To start off, mobile casinos are definitely no longer a curiosity, but a necessity. One crazy fact from the 2017 that the revenue earned from the mobile platform alone is greater than console and PC together. Naturally, there is no going back and you also can increase your joy quotient using cozino coupon code for a quick start. With smartphones advancing daily, improved graphics and more powerful hardware and software, the future of mobile gaming really isn’t an issue. It’s going to bloom and we’ll be there to witness it, our phones at the ready.

Augmented Reality Technology

As the name suggested, augmented reality technology takes your current reality and adds to it, with virtual overlays on the real-life environment. For casinos, the augmented reality technology has been implemented in the games offered. This technology makes it easier by combining the best elements of live gaming and software with overlays and virtual reality add-ons that make for an even more engaging experience to play a game anywhere while you face real people in a realistic virtual environment. However, in years to come, AR technology may be improved or probably taken to another mind-blowing stage.

Virtual Reality Technology 

Virtual Reality Technology was behold to take online gaming to another level by transporting you into a new environment where the alternative world will absorb you totally and not only improve the gameplay but also make the gaming limitless. There are so many potential upsides to the merging of this immersive technology and the world of online gambling that it’s no surprise to see developers pushing the current tech to its limits in advance to bring virtual dreams to completion.

The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

And, finally, cryptocurrencies. Everyone talks about them, everyone wants to have them and the world of online gambling is, frankly, where cryptocurrencies are flourishing. It’s not only Bitcoin but there are also Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Dogecoin are some of the rising stars that have followed Bitcoins to the cryptocurrency stardom. When it comes to Bitcoins specifically, there is a large number of online casinos that accept Bitcoins in addition to traditional currencies.


No one knows for sure what the future holds for gambling. The future of online casinos isn’t clear, but as you just learned that it’s getting easier to play because of advanced technology and this is a trend that’s likely to continue.

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