Five Frodsham town councillors quit in storm over politics

FIVE members of Frodsham Town Council have resigned – leaving the council with only nine members.
The five – all independent members – claim the council has been “taken over” over by Labour.
One – father of the council Lord Frank Pennington, who has more than 45 years service and is a former Mayor and a Freeman of Frodsham, said: “It’s the worst council we have ever had in all my time as a councillor.

“The new Labour councillors have taken over and are bullying anyone who disagrees with them. The Conservatives are supporting them by letting them get away with it.
“I am not prepared to sit there and listen to it all. Members of the public have pleaded with me to stay on, but I am not prepared to do so in the circumstances.
“But people are telling me they will still come to me for help and advice.”
There were a number of vacancies on the council before the latest walk-out by the five independents – ex-councillors Pennington, former chairman Judith Critchley, her sister, Donna Critchley, Mark Nield and Pat Williamson.
As a result, the council, which should have 16 members, has only nine.
Former Mayor Mallie Poulton, who resigned in March, said :”I think that it’s a terrible shame so much talent and years of experience have been lost. Why and what for we don’t know.
“But I only hope those sniping from their keyboards will come forward to do better, although I suspect not.
“My heart breaks for Freeman and twice past Mayor twice Lord Frank Pennington – it was his life!”
Former chairman Judith Critchley, says she and her sister resigned because they couldn’t work with the new intake of councillors, who had made the town council political.
She said: “We can’t work with Labour councillors who are just here promoting Labour controlled Cheshire West and Chester Council when our job should be challenging them. The new councillors are just toeing the party line.”
Town clerk Ms Jo O’Donoghue said: “The council remains quorate as long as it has at least four members. If the number fell below four, Cheshire West and Chester would have to put someone on the council.
“I do not expect this to happen so the council is likely to remain quorate. But it may be more difficult for some of the committees, which also have to be quorate.
“The planning committee, for instance, would only have to have one member unable to attend and it would be inquorate.”
During the pandemic, the council has been meeting online, but face-to-face meetings have now resumed and are now held at Main Street Community Church.

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  1. This is of course shocking, politics now is everywhere.
    One would imagine that town councillors – whose duty should be to represent the residents – would be far too busy in following up the needs and promoting the opportunities in Frodsham to have any time for politics.
    Sadly this appears not to be the case, as for example the consideration of extended parking car parking charges recently reported.
    Some councillors are perhaps more interested in pursuing a potential political career than in becoming aware of the tribulations and ideas of townspeople.
    It would be interesting if Frodsham Life could follow up on the concerns that these independent councillors have, that led them to such decision to resign.
    This may then enable others to step in as need be, to attempt to assuage such difficulties in the Town that may be revealed, and to maximise its prosperity.
    Positive results will flow both from the acknowledgment of true experience in its guidance, and the appreciation of fresh opportunities related to both growth and to conservation.

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