Frodsham Speedwatch group folds – for the time being!

FRODSHAM and District Community SpeedWatch – which was launched seven years ago – has ceased to operate.
The decision to close was taken reluctantly after careful consideration and followed the resignation of longstanding co-ordinator John Lloyd.
But the group could be relaunched if volunteers can be found.

It was in 2014 that Speedwatch was launched in Frodsham when the Town Council purchased a use speed gun.
Volunteers were recruited and John Lloyd and Ian Welch, who were both Police Support Volunteers at the time,  were appointed co-ordinators.
Over the years, new members joined the group, but others left.
In recent times, there were only about six volunteers giving their time to try and make the roads safer.
Frodsham’s PCSO, Neil Flanagan (pictured) told a recent Town Council meeting: “I would like to go on record to personally thank all the volunteers as well as John and Ian for their hard work over the years and for making the group a success.
“We are now in a position where we have equipment which has been previously purchased. This includes a ‘Smiley S.I.D’ and a non-enforceable speed device.
“Myself and my colleagues for Kingsley and Helsby have been tasked with getting a new Community Speedwatch and will be looking for volunteers shortly.”

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