Five fire crews tackle blaze on Helsby Hill

FIVE fire crews were called out on Monday afternoon to tackle a blaze close to the cliff edge on Helsby Hill.

Crews from Powey Lane, two from Chester, one from Ellesmere Port and one from Winsford were alerted shortly before 3:30 pm.

The blaze involved approximately 40 square metres of headland and crews battled to create a fire break to stop any further spread.

UPDATE | 18:00
Firefighters managed to contain the fire to the original seat of 40 square metres.

A water relay was put in place and safety measures set up due to the proximity of firefighting operations to the cliff edge.

UPDATE | 21:29
The fire has now been extinguished. Firefighters used one main hose, hand tools and a light portable pump to extinguish and dampen the area. A thermal imaging camera was also used to monitor for hot spots. Fire engines are now leaving the site.

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