Frodsham's local heritage

Frodsham’s local heritage may receive extra recognition

MORE of Frodsham’s local heritage could receive extra recognition as a result of a two-year project being carried out by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC).
The council’s conservation and design team will be reviewing and expanding the lists of locally important buildings originally drawn up by the former Vale Royal Council as part of a wider survey of the borough and across Cheshire.
A locally listed building does not have the same protection as one on the statutory Listed Buildings list but it does identify buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas, historic parks and gardens or other landscapes that are important to local communities and play a role in community identity.

Frodsham already boasts more than 60 Statutory Listed buildings, etc. and, in addition, more than 20 locally listed buildings, including properties in Frodsham Road, Main Street and Castle Park.
The CWAC team will work with local groups in Frodsham to identify more. But the value of a local heritage listing can perhaps be judged by the fact that the Cheshire Cheese in Main Street is already on the list yet CWAC planners gave permission for it to be demolished to make way for housing last year!
Cllr Louise Gittins, leader of the council said: “The idea behind the Cheshire Local List is that it will identify what is important to residents. In addition to the normal criteria such as age, rarity and architectural interest, this list will also consider features that are ‘making history’.
“Heritage doesn’t have to be old; we want to include features that are important to new and changing communities on the Cheshire Local List. The Local List is used in the planning system to highlight buildings, landscapes and other features that play a significant role in community identity and history.”
The Cheshire Local List gives importance to local heritage in the planning system but is also a space for expression of community identity, both through the list itself and through engagement in the research and designation process. It is a key component of conservation area management and Neighbourhood Plan development, allowing for better understanding of and appreciation for the heritage of the county and its communities.
This approach compliments existing Listed Buildings categories by identifying additional local heritage that is significant to local people.
More information on the Cheshire Local List project and how to get involved in it can be found on the project website: where after registering, new submissions can be made and the list can be viewed on a map (or in a table).

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